54 widgets for Kommo

Improve your workflow automation and sell more without getting distracted by routine tasks.
More than 9000 companies use Komanda F5 products daily to implement an efficient system within Kommo.

Workflow Automation

Saves time for your employees so they can focus on the most relevant tasks
Integrate WhatsApp Business (WABA) with Kommo to receive all WhatsApp messages from your clients directly in Kommo. The integration allows you to easily communicate with your customers, send them reminders and perform mailings. Simple, convenient, and effective!
Tracks email openings by your customers and assigns a task to your manager to call the client right now, not tomorrow.
This increases your sales conversion rate and saves your employee’s time.
A simple constructor for automatic actions in Kommo.
Customer segmentation, reactivation of those who stopped buying, lead management control, trigger links mailing, congratulations of customers, regulations control, NPS requests, and so much more.

Create the entire set of documents in just a few clicks from Business Proposals and bills to agreements and formal notes.
The documents are ready to be sent by email.
The widget uses data from Kommo, writes numbers in words, adds a stamp and a signature, and keeps all the documents in a single registration book.
Sell faster than your competitors! This widget makes the processing of applications faster by automatically assigning responsible users. If the first employee doesn’t process it on time, the lead will be distributed to another manager.
Free and simple way to initiate communication
with your clients. Use the web-version of WhatsApp in one single click.
Sends SMS using one of the 11 SMS aggregators.
Search faster in Kommo. The widget tracks the response speed to clients in messengers. It also shows the attendance record for the Leads, Contacts and Companies, the latest messages from your clients and adds the search bar on every page.
Smart processing of applications in accordance with the number of online users. The widget shows a notification about new leads to several managers. If there are many responses, the lead will be assigned to someone who has not received any for a while.
A neat solution for working on projects in Kommo. Set up the unlimited number of projects visualized as Kanban boards, add project participants, have discussions in the comment section, and attach files.
This is a simple WhatsApp and Kommo integration. The widget connects your business accounts (WABA) to Kommo as new sources of lead generation.
Create checklists and agendas in Kommo. Increase the efficiency of your employees’ work.
Add smart buttons to the Kommo interface and automate complex processes with just one click. Run scripts, open pop-ups and go to external links.
Connect your Telegram group chat with Kommo. All the messages will be saved to the lead feed, and you will be able to reply directly from Kommo.
Helps to determine which employees are currently working and who is on vacation. It displays contact information, current status and user activity in Kommo.
It allows «in bulk» changes of fields in the Leads, Companies and Contacts. For example, you can select 500 leads and assign them a common budget or change data in any other fields.
Create a new lead out of the current one preserving all its data. The copying process can be done manually or automatically.
Widget gives you the opportunity to merge several companies into one. This is a useful tool if you work with a company with multiple legal entities.
Saves time by calculating field values using your formulas. You can set your own values for non-numerical fields and make calculations with them.
Automatically cleans file storage in accordance with custom parameters.
Issue guidelines on filling out the fields right in Kommo leaving no room for mistakes during data input. Prompts may contain text, images and video.


Integrate Kommo with other services in just one click.
Integrates Kommo with Google Drive. All your files are available on your Google account, they do not require space in Kommo.
Upload information about leads, contacts, companies, phone calls, messages, buyers and notes to spreadsheets and synchronizes changes in real time. You can create several uploads using different filters. Ideal for making reports and BI system analytics.
Sends lead status notifications in Telegram private or group chat. The source is the Digital Pipeline. You use any field names from the lead cards in the text of the message.
Upload data from Kommo to a spreadsheet using a digital pipeline.

A little help for a big difference

Convenient and effective ways to boost your productivity.
Finds all duplicates of contacts and companies and merges them together. The widget will not allow your manager to add a new contact or a company with the same contact information.
Duplicate search in all the fields.
The widget shows the part of the world from which the phone number owner is in lead, contact and company cards.

Komanda F5 developed a widget platform, which contains a number of useful solutions for a better experience with Kommo and workflow automation. A must-have for initial setup.
It shows user notifications that cannot be closed without viewing at the right time.
The widget allows you to:
  • hide the field completely
  • replace the content with asterisks *****
  • prohibit field editing
When you hover the cursor over the company’s name, a list of leads, contacts and fields for that company will pop up.

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