The Checklists widget
for Kommo

  • Add all the steps of the task to the checklist so you don't forget anything
  • Break down a large task into smaller tasks and keep track of progress;
  • Put tasks on the checklist in the right order and prioritize them;
  • Train new employees faster with an organized checklist structure.
Now your employees won't forget anything and will be able to do all the steps right
How to add a checklist to a lead in Kommo?
1. Install the widget

Install our widget by clicking the button above or go to Kommo settings, type «Checklists via Komanda F5» in the search bar and press «Add».

After installation, go to the widget's settings, select the users who will work with the checklists and save the changes.

2. Add a new checklist and necessary steps

Go to the Kommo «Settings» section, find a new item «Checklists». Add a new checklist.

Enter a name for the checklist, and, if necessary, select a color and pin it in the lead feed, so the checklist will always be on top, and it will not be scrolled.

Add the necessary steps to be performed at this stage of the sales pipeline and save the checklist.

3. Add a customized checklist to your digital pipeline

Go to the digital pipeline settings, add a new action at the desired stage, select the Checklists widget, and click «Add».

If you don’t want to add checklists to all the leads in the pipeline, add additional conditions.

Select the checklist template you want to add at this step, and click «Done».

Save your digital pipeline settings.

Now when you create a lead, a checklist with the necessary steps will be added to the lead card.

When you perform a specific task, you need to mark it in the checklist. When marked, each completed step will increase the progress. Besides, the time of execution and the user who clicked on the particular step will be saved.

The checklist can also be minimized and pinned in the feed, so that it is always at the top and does not get scrolled.

The price for the widget
This widget is available for free as part of the
«Bonus Program»

We offer a free 14-day trial for our paid plans so you can try our paid feature before you subscribe.
Bonus Program
As long as the conditions are met*

• Payment for Kommo licenses via Komanda F5 or F5 partners
• Widgets are renewed for the duration of Kommo licenses
Regular price
for 1 user per month*
6 months or 10 months subscription periods are available

• If you pay for 6 months, get +1 month for free
• If you pay for 10 months, get +3 months for free
*A minimum payment for 5 users. All users of Kommo are counted.
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