Implementation of Kommo in the sales department with a guaranteed result

46% of companies lose requests on the spot - they don't follow all the channels of requests, they don't call back, they forget to answer, and they lose customers and money

60% spend their time on routine - they copy the information from one system to another and manually create documents, instead of devoting more time to sales.

85% don't work with the client base - don't do mailing campaigns, don't revive old clients, and at the same time spend money on attracting new ones.
Start the implementation
with an audit

We'll analyze your sales department, show you the problematic areas and tell you how to solve them with a competent CRM implementation.

Why Kommo implementation inevitably leads to an increase in sales?

You stop losing requests
All requests are received and stored in Kommo, no matter how the client contacted you. Managers remember every client and always know their next step.
The productivity of the sales department increases
The system itself will set the task, remind of the appointment, generate the necessary document and send it to the client. Less routine, more time for sales.
CRM-marketing begins to pay off
The system automatically segments customers, sends email campaigns or birthday greetings, and at the end of the month you will be informed of which advertising campaign worked best.
The quality of service increases
Your customers see the high level of service, attention to detail, and you always meet your deadlines - this increases loyalty, conversion to sales, and the average purchase amount.
Customer database is always with you
Differentiation of user rights will allow each manager to see only their clients. All communications are stored in one place, in case of any questions you can always pull up the history and sort it out.
Analytics and manager sales control
Analytics appear for each employee. In addition to the revenue rate for an employee, you can see the number of calls each manager made, how many emails were sent, etc. There is no way to simulate the activity.
Find out the approximate cost of implementation by answering 6 questions about your business.
In addition to the cost calculation, you will now receive:
  • A checklist with 120 points that we use in Kommo implementation.
  • A free one-hour consultation with an expert.
  • Ready case studies and examples of implementations in your area of business.
  • 18 widgets from the Komanda F5 that will improve your Kommo experience.

How do we implement Kommo:
5 steps

  • Analysis
    As Konstantin Stanislavski, a famous Russian director, once said: «The theater begins with a hanger». And the implementation of CRM starts with an audit.
    Every business is different: different types of products, industries, customers, and sales systems. CRM is a system, suitable for different businesses, but it is flexible enough to adapt to the custom solution.
    To automate a particular business you need to understand the business processes within the company. We conduct a full-fledged audit, dive into your business, describe the processes, fix primary indicators and prepare the Terms of Reference.

    As a part of this task we carry out the following:
    • Analysis of the company structure, departments and employees.
    • Analysis of product, customers, sales procedure, loyalty systems.
    • Analysis of the sources of incoming orders and their systematization.
    • Analysis of control systems and staff motivation.
    • Analysis of the current flow of documents between the clients.
Can I do it without any analysis?
If you are offered to set up Kommo «right now», quickly and with no analysis, then you are facing an unscrupulous contractor. Our experience shows that such actions will result in a poorly configured system. At best, the CRM will not work at 100%, at worst it will interfere with you, and the implementation will be a failure.

Quality analytics is the key to a successful Kommo implementation.
Who does the analysis?
In our company, we have two team members doing this at the same time. The business analyst works out the company's business processes, and the system analyst selects the necessary cloud solutions and tools. If necessary, a developer or managing partner of the company - the business analyst with the most experience - gets involved.

We always sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
What is the result?
The final result of the company audit is a well-crafted Terms of Reference for Kommo implementation. The document will describe the business processes of your company, develop sales pipelines, identify tools to solve specific issues, calculate the cost and payback period of the implementation.

Work on the ToR is clearly regulated, predictable and understandable for the client.
Find out the approximate cost of implementation by answering 6 questions about your business.
In addition to the cost calculation, you will now receive:
  • A checklist with 120 points that we use in Kommo implementation.
  • A free one-hour consultation with an expert.
  • Ready case studies and examples of implementations in your area of business.
  • 18 widgets from the Komanda F5 that will improve your Kommo experience.
  • SET UP
    Based on the results of the analysis we properly configure the CRM system.
    Proper configuration means that the manager needs to do the minimum number of actions to get the maximum number of sales.
Need to add all employees into the CRM, connect mail and telephony. Set up departments, differentiate the rights of each user. Define the duties and tasks for each staff member.
The first thing to do is to decide what clients' data we want to store in Kommo. After that we add the necessary fields and set the obligation to fill them out. We will also correctly upload your entire database of clients and transactions to Kommo with the control of duplicates. Now everything is stored in your CRM and nothing is lost.
Lead Sources
We have already uploaded the old customers. All new clients will now automatically appear in the CRM, no matter what channel they came from: phone calls, email requests, contacted you in a social network, left a request on your website. All channels are in Kommo.
In CRM, the sale is all about moving the lead through the sales pipeline to the "Successfully Completed" stage. At each pipeline stage certain actions have to be performed: a manager has to do one thing (e.g. send the Commercial Offer), a customer has to do another (e.g. pay the bill), the system itself has to do something (e.g. automatically show ads). We will add the appropriate number of pipelines, configure the stages in each one, and specify the actions to be executed.
As a result, you will get a properly configured system that is easy to control and customize
    Modern business always uses a variety of digital tools. Our task is to reduce their number and concentrate the rest of them in Kommo. As a result we get a unified center of clients' management, control over employees and wide analytics opportunities.
Integration with your website
Requests from the site are automatically sent to Kommo with duplicate control and are distributed among managers. UTM tags and other visitor tracking details are stored for lead source analysis.
Integration with telephony
All calls are logged, conversations are recorded, new customers are distributed, current ones are passed to the responsible managers at once. We can set up a ready-made widget or develop an individual solution for any telephony.
Lead sources integration
Email, online consultants, social networks, chats, etc. Customers contact your company from various channels, the manager will communicate with them in a single window, and all communications will be saved in Kommo.
SMS notifications integration
Connect SMS notification services so that you can send messages directly from Kommo. We will show you how to send personalized SMS to several contacts at once. Set up automatic notifications for clients.
Email newsletters integration
Your CRM has your entire client base and their data. Use mass mailings as an additional source of sales. Trust us, it works! We will integrate Kommo with a mailing service like MailChimp and teach you how to do it.
Integrate with sector-specific solutions
Integration solutions with warehousing, shipping systems, banking systems, marketing tools, and more. A staff of strong developers allows us to take on tasks of any level of complexity.
Integration with document management widgets
It takes a lot of time to create documents, despite the fact that almost all of them are standard. Fortunately, there are tools that automatically create the right document based on a template. Two clicks and the document is ready, that's hundreds of hours of saved time over a year.
    We customize the digital pipeline and Kommo widgets for business process automation: creation of tasks based on your business processes, changing the status of the event, launching existing advertising campaigns in Facebook, sending emails and SMS according to specific conditions.
Automatic tasks
The manager doesn't need to think about the next step, they are focused on tasks. Each stage of the lead has its own task: moving from task to task, the manager successfully closes the deal. Tasks are set automatically.
Automatic advertising
Clients do not make decisions immediately. But as soon as they leave you a request, they immediately start to be shown your ads, reminding them about your product all the time. As soon as they buy, the ads are turned off, saving your marketing budget. Available with Enterprise tariff plan.
Automatic notifications
Client notifications are an essential part of modern marketing, they increase loyalty, eliminate negativity. SMS, email, messengers, etc. At the right moment notifications will be sent automatically, we will customize everything for you.
Document flow automation
Create a commercial proposal, invoice, and closing documents automatically. But that's not all! All documents are sent to the client automatically and the receiving of the email is tracked. No more need to bother your clients with calls to confirm the receipt.
Automatic change of the lead stage
Depending on the client's actions (left a request, viewed the price list, clicked on a link, subscribed to a newsletter), the following chains of events, notifications, email newsletters included, automatically move the lead through the sales pipeline to the purchase.
Automatic processing of client requests
The primary communication with the client will be done by a Salesbot. This is a special robot that will request contact details, recognize the client's needs, and if necessary, send a proposal in the form of a commercial offer. After qualification, it will pass the lead to the manager for further processing.
Automated Quality of Service Inquiry
Collect feedback from customers automatically. If the lead is successfully closed, ask the customer for feedback. If the lead is rejected, find out the reasons and analyze the data.
Automatic reports of manager's activity
For example, a report on time usage. After customization CRM will answer how much time an employee spent on this or that task, and the report on efficiency will clearly show which of the staff is actually working hard.
    We will teach you how to work effectively with clients in Kommo. After our training employees will love working in Kommo, will always know the next step, will focus on tasks and will not waste time.
Working with leads
How to guide the client from the initial contact to the actual purchase? Why should there be no leads without tasks? Why do most actions need to be performed in leads?
Working with tasks
Which tasks are there, how are they created, what to do with them? What are the orange and green circles? How to set tasks automatically by script?
Working with telephony
How do you make a call directly in CRM? How to call a customer from a contact card? Where can I listen to all stored conversations with a client?
Working with contact and company cards
How do you create a contact, company, lead in CRM? When are contacts created by themselves, and when you need to add them yourself? Which fields are mandatory and which are not?
Working with emails
How and where do you write an email to a client? How do you make a ready-made email template? How do you send emails automatically to new leads? How do you organize mass mailing to all the active customers?
CRM Desktop
What are the numbers shown in reports and how are they calculated? What other numbers and reports can be displayed on the desktop? Can I change the logo and the background picture?
Business performance reports
What parameters should be tracked, how can they be used to calculate KPI for each employee? How to make a single screen that displays each manager's efficiency indicators?
Sales Supervisor Training
How to monitor manager's activity, how to make reports, how to review calls, etc. How to set a sales plan and control the execution. What are the motivation tools in Kommo?
Training for a CEO or a business owner
What figures should be monitored first to control the financial performance of the company? How to receive a daily report on indicators in Telegram messenger and much more.
Kommo Trainings are held in the format of an online conference.
At the end you will receive a video recording and elaborated regulations for the new employees' training.