Integrate WhatsApp Business API (WABA)
into Kommo

  • Initiate conversations with clients
  • Get detailed statistics for your balance top-ups and charges
  • Convenient template editor
  • Connect several phone numbers to communicate with clients using different WhatsApp accounts
  • Use variables to insert data from lead, contact and company fields

Connect a powerful lead generation source with Kommo
This is a simple WhatsApp and Kommo integration. The widget connects your business accounts (WABA) to Kommo as new sources of lead generation. Adds the feature to start the conversation with your clients and do mailings to them.

Can be installed and configured in 10 minutes without the help of a programmer.
  • Connect an unlimited number of WABA phone numbers to communicate with customers from different accounts
  • Use a user-friendly editor to create WABA templates that are used to open a session (24 hour customer service window)
  • Start dialogs with your clients
  • Make effective mailings and analyze them (in development)
  • Create and send quick responses, without opening a session
  • Automatically substitute data from lead, contact or company fields
  • Use Komanda F5 variable generator
  • Check contacts for duplicates
  • Get the detailed statistics of charges and top-ups
By connecting WhatsApp Business API (WABA) to Kommo, you can improve communication with your customers and optimize your sales processes.
Widget installation
1. Chatter can be installed in Kommo

Settings > Integrations or by using the link.

2. After the installation

Select the users who can work with the widget and click «Save».

3. Add your phone number

In the widget settings using the API key generated by 360dialog.
Fill in the required fields, connect the number and save the changes of the widget settings.

The price of WhatsApp integration service
We offer a free trial period.
After installation, there will be 1 euro on your balance, for testing.
Afterwards, each WhatsApp number connection and each opening of the 24-hour session by sending a WABA template message are chargeable.

The charges for conversations initiated by the company and customers differ depending on the country or region where you'll be messaging.
7 months period
Pay for 6 months, get +1 month for free
13 months period
Pay for 10 months, get +3 months for free

*A minimum payment for 5 users. All users of Kommo are counted.

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