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We value our customers, that's why we offer special advantages when purchasing Kommo licenses with Komanda F5
  • Bonus
    Widgets that increase productivity and save time. Get paid solutions worth more than $1,000 as a gift
  • 24/7
    technical support
    We provide our clients with personalized service and support for any issues related to Kommo. Technical support is available 24/7/365
  • +1 month of Kommo
    as a gift
    When you renew your licenses with Komanda F5, we add an additional month to your subscription period for each user
  • Audit of your digital system
    We will conduct an audit according to our 37-point checklist to identify any flaws in processes and revenue loss. We'll provide a full report

Bonus widgets for your business

Paid widgets worth more than $1,000 as a gift: get rid of the duplicate problem, integrate with the cloud, protect your data, accelerate the work process, and get notifications in Telegram about important events.
Search faster in Kommo. The widget tracks the response speed to clients in messengers.
Create checklists and agendas in Kommo. Increase the efficiency of your employees’ work.
It will show the contact details, status and activity of the employee.
It allows «in bulk» changes of fields in the Leads, Companies and Contacts.
Create a new lead out of the current one preserving all its data.
Widget gives you the opportunity to merge several companies into one. This is a useful tool if you work with a company with multiple legal entities.
Automatically cleans file storage in accordance with custom parameters.
Issue guidelines on filling out the fields right in Kommo leaving no room for mistakes during data input. Prompts may contain text, images and video.
Sends lead status notifications in Telegram private or group chat.
Upload data from Kommo to a spreadsheet using a digital pipeline.
Finds all duplicates of contacts and companies and merges them together.
The widget shows the part of the world from which the phone number owner is in lead, contact and company cards.
Komanda F5 developed a widget platform, which contains a number of useful solutions for a better experience with Kommo and workflow automation.
Shows a popup notification in Kommo, sends a «push» to the browser and generates a sound.
The widget allows you to:
  • hide the field completely
  • replace the content with asterisks *****
  • prohibit field editing
When you hover the cursor over the company’s name, a list of leads, contacts and fields for that company will pop up.

20 mini-widgets combined in one:
Platform F5 to make your work in Kommo easier

  • Grouping fields
    Groups several fields together, unfolds in one click. Convenient for group fields so they do not take up space.
  • Feed customization
    Instant filter of messages, notes, tasks, calls, and chats in the card.
  • Fields search
    Allows you to do a search in leads, contacts and companies card fields.
  • Prohibit working with leads without tasks
    No lead will be left without tasks. If there is such a lead, it displays a warning window and will not let you work until the next task is set.
  • Number of items in the filter
    In lists of leads, contacts and companies displays up to 500 lines on which you can run group actions
  • Highlighting in lists by Shift'
    To select multiple leads, click on the first line, hold the Shift key and click on the last line. Another way is holding the left mouse button pressed and dragging the mouse pointer to the right line.
  • Time Zones
    Individual interface shifting of a certain user in accordance with the needed time zone.
  • Selected values in multi-lists
    Allows you to see selected values in multi-list fields of Kommo.
  • Prohibit deleting leads from the incoming stage
    Prohibits selected users from deleting new leads from the Unsorted stage.
  • Additional responsible user'
    Allows you to choose the additional responsible user in the lead, contact and company cards from the list of users.
  • Prohibit editing/deleting notes
    Prohibits deleting or editing notes and saves you from losing important data.
  • Prohibit task rescheduling
    Prohibits changes of date and time for the task deadline.
  • Prohibit editing/deleting tasks
    Prohibits editing and deleting of tasks. Also forbids users from closing tasks of other users.
  • Prohibit closing tasks without the result
    To understand what is happening to the lead, the result of execution should be added to the task. The widget will prohibit closing tasks without the text result.
  • Text flow for long field names
    Long field names in the cards will not be cropped, but carried over to the next line.
  • Hide empty columns in the pipeline
    If there are no active leads on the Kanban board, the empty column will be completely hidden, including the heading.
  • Changing Tasks
    Shows users, who have changed or closed the task.
  • Change your logo
    Allows you to use your logo as a Kommo desktop picture.
  • Table Totals
    Adds totals to the column headings. For the numeric fields, sum, average, quantity, minimum, maximum are available. For the other fields, quantity is available. You can click on the heading and select the default display.
  • Voice message speedup
    Speed up voice messages. After installation of the widget, the speed button appears in the voice messages player.
Round-the-clock technical support and assistance
We provide our clients with personalized support for any issues related to Kommo. We will help to improve processes, answer questions from employees and solve technical problems.

Our support is available 24/7. This offer includes 2 hours of support per month, if you need more - let us know.
Additional month of Kommo subscription
When you renew your licenses with Komanda F5, we will add to your subscription +1 month

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