Kommo technical support and assistance

  • Personal manager promptly helps to solve technical issues
  • Advises on settings, leads and provides trainings
  • Understands cloud solutions, suggests how to solve problems
  • Takes care of the effective CRM maintenance by the employees
Why is it necessary?
The CRM is the heart of your business. If something doesn't work right, the business suffers:
  • requests get lost or not processed in a timely manner, customers become frustrated;
  • technical problems reduce the speed of work;
  • errors pile up and this can lead to potentially fatal consequences;
  • if the company grows, the CRM system needs to be fine-tuned and its functional capabilities must be increased.

These problems directly affect the company's revenue and inhibit its growth

Employees often have questions about technical aspects, so you need a competent specialist.
The CRM is not maintained correctly - employees may not fill in fields, forget to set tasks or answer the clients.
New employees come to the company, but there is no time to train each of them properly.
Employees are not prepared to work effectively in the CRM, they want to work the old-fashioned way, how they used to.
Managers are selective in their approach to leads, they may ignore unwanted requests and do not fulfill tasks.
The supervisor does not know how to control managers in the CRM, or they has no time to do it.
The company has released a new product, processes are changing, so Kommo needs to be configured accordingly.
Your company is growing, current settings and solutions do not reach the level of the company.
There is no competent employee with strategic thinking for automation development of the company.
There are technical errors, something is not working, leads do not appear in the system, services are forgotten to be paid, you get blocked, etc.
There are problems with telephony, calls are not recorded, an employee cannot hear the client.
Errors are accumulated and begin to affect the productivity of managers.

What does a CRM manager do?

Handles all CRM related issues independently and efficiently. After that they prepare a detailed report for you.
Technical support
Provides prompt assistance and priority solution for Kommo related issues, telephony, work of services and widgets.

Constantly in touch through email, messengers and phone.
Regular audit and fine-tuning of the system
Examines if the pipeline is set up correctly, if leads are not getting stuck at some stage with no reason.
Checks whether all requests get into Kommo. If necessary, adds new sources, finalizes the sales pipeline setup, works with stages and automatic actions at each stage.
Connects necessary widgets and other cloud-based solutions.
Ensures that all purchased services are 100% functional.
Supervision and assistance to staff members
Assists employees with proper lead management.
Checks employee's work in Kommo each week using an internal checklist:
  • the fields are filled out correctly;
  • make sure that there are no leads without tasks;
  • the speed of lead processing;
  • are there any lost or frozen at one stage leads;
and 26 other items
Strategic planning for development
Constantly analyzes the current situation in the CRM:
  • whether there are enough tools to automate processes, whether all employees use them to the full potential;
  • proposes new strategic solutions that can significantly improve automation;
  • provides expert advice related to further growth of the company on the basis of the implemented system: marketing, automation, analytics.

How much does Kommo maintenance and support cost?

The pricing depends on the number of users in Kommo.
For more information, leave a request and we will contact you and make a personalized offer.
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