We will help to display any indicators in a dashboard from Kommo, telephony or a warehouse management app

  • Calculate, analyze and control any KPIs
  • Follow trends and changes in real time
  • Make decisions based on objective data

Get real-time, easy to access analytics

Ahead of business metrics, with the ability to predict the intended outcome
Marketing and leads
Number of incoming leads, with segmentation by advertising sources, lines of business, and channels.

Data from Kommo, websites, analytics systems, chat rooms, social networks.
Number of calls, incoming, outgoing, missed, the calls that couldn't get through, the average call duration numbers, etc.

Data from UIS, Sipuni, Mango, Gravitel, etc.
Processing and sales
Number of leads by sales stages for each manager, department, warehouse, conversion to sales.

Data from Kommo and other warehouse systems.
Numbers and amounts of invoices issued and paid, expected income.

Data from accounting systems.
Customer loyalty index by employees and departments.

Data from Kommo leads, automatic data collection setup.
Any data at your request
We will fetch and show those figures that are important for your business to make managerial decisions.

From more than 130 systems via API

Examples of our clients' dashboards

Many cases are under NDA, so we can only show a small part of the data

Sales reports with salary calculation in Kommo

  • Plan/actual revenue is shown
  • Automatically counts salaries for employees and supervisors
  • Rating system with the display of the current month's highest scores
  • Tracking of sales dynamics
  • Filters and segments by types of services, equipment groups and employees

Automated for the RESTART company, which is engaged in equipment field service.

Conversion by employees with the option to segment by product types

  • Conversion from a lead into a qualified request
  • Conversion into sales
  • Display of deviations from the norm for each employee
  • Total daily revenue, average check, average lead time, etc.

Employee statistics in the form of charts

  • Overview of all employees' performance on one screen
  • Segmentation and filtering by products

Calculation of wages using data from Kommo

  • Display of sales plan fulfillment
  • Employees can see their salary rate at a glance

A dashboard for the conversion rate by users in dynamics

  • Displays the variance for a certain user with the overall picture
  • Gives insight into which products and services the employee is most effective with
  • Dynamic chart of performance indicators over time

General report on application conversion by advertising sources

  • Which sources are the most converting and bring more profit
  • Data is taken from Kommo

KPIs for employees with data from Kommo

  • The company is engaged in production of polypropylene pipes;
  • KPI of the sales department depends on several parameters: planned/actual income, planned/actual tonnage, etc;
  • The average efficiency is calculated according to a formula, which includes the number of overdue tasks;
  • Efficiency is displayed as colored indicators showing deviation from the average;
  • The dashboard is updated every month and shows the current status.

Automation of courier delivery with data output on the map

  • Dashboard on sales by departments with the sales plan control
  • Industry solution for courier automation in Kommo with employee's geoposition indicators

RFM analysis in Kommo with data output to the dashboard

  • Dashboard segments companies by the following parameters: how long ago was the purchase made, how frequently the client buys and the totals for sales made to the client;
  • Shows the percentages for each segment;
  • Displays the process of "flow" of companies from one segment to another. For example, when and which companies went from the segment " buy often and a lot" to the segment "rarely and little";
  • It also shows NPS by companies and the latest feedback, by which you can understand the situation.
  • Reports can be filtered by date, history can also be viewed
  • Dashboard shows the growth or decline of NPS index for each client in the segment of a particular type of service

Calendar of events to be displayed on a common dashboard for TV

  • Scheduled events by clients from Kommo
  • Shows a calendar of upcoming events
  • Allows you to segment customers, send invitations by segments and see the occupancy

Order a turnkey dashboard

  • Clear system of key indicators
  • Real-time data update
  • API connection to more than 130 services
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