Mass editing of fields in Kommo
This widget is free as part of the Komanda F5 Bonus Program

With the Multiple Actions widget you can select up to 500 leads, contacts or companies at once and change fields to any value.
You can change several fields simultaneously, and you can copy values from one field to another within the same entity.
How does it work?
In the standard Kommo functionality only tags, responsible users and pipeline stages can be changed in bulk. After installing this widget, an additional menu item «Change fields by Komanda F5» appears in lists, where you can change any field of a lead, contact and company card.

To change fields, select the needed entities in list mode and select the «Change fields» menu item.

To select up to 500 leads at a time, use our free «Number of items in the filter» widget.
A window will appear in which you can add the required fields to the list to change their values. The following modes are available:
  • Enter your value - you can set your value manually, e.g. enter the text or select from the list depending on the field type.
  • Clear field - clears field values. Text fields become empty, checkboxes become deselected, lists and multilists become cleared.
  • Copy from another field - values from one field are copied and pasted into another field. Copying is possible only between fields with the same type and within the same entity, for example, a lead.
  • After all fields are set up, click the «Change fields» button, after a short period of time the script will finish processing and you can see the result.

Please note that this action cannot be canceled, so be careful when working with a great number of entities.

The price for the widget
This widget is available for free as part of the
«Bonus Program»

We offer a free 14-day trial for our paid plans so you can try our paid feature before you subscribe.
Bonus Program
As long as the conditions are met*

• Payment for Kommo licenses via Komanda F5 or F5 partners
• Widgets are renewed for the duration of Kommo licenses
Regular price
for 1 user per month*
6 months or 10 months subscription periods are available

• If you pay for 6 months, get +1 month for free
• If you pay for 10 months, get +3 months for free

*A minimum payment for 5 users. All users of Kommo are counted.

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