Call your potential clients and sell right now
$7 per 1 user per month

  • Send emails with data input from Kommo in one click or fully automate the process;
  • Track openings, download and make calls at the right moment - more sales, fewer ineffectual calls;
  • Email marketing directly in Kommo - run a chain of emails and measure the template conversion.

Personalize emails with any customer and manager data from Kommo

Personalized emails increase email openings and conversion rates. These emails can be sent in two clicks with data taken right from the client's card.

Email marketing directly in Kommo

Send marketing email chains and filter customers by activity. Engage with those who clicked on the link within the email. Analyze the template effectiveness and increase conversion.

Public pages created for a certain client with the activity tracking

Instead of an email, you can send the client a nice webpage with their data from Kommo.

The page is no different from an email and the link can be sent from a messenger. You can also run automation to know when such page is opened and the links on it are clicked on.

You can also add your own code to these pages.
Main features
  • Visual editor
    Easy-to-use visual editor with auto-save draft and the ability to edit text size, color, insert links, pictures, tables, lists, etc. Use HTML layout for good-looking emails and newsletters.
  • Email templates with quick search
    An unlimited number of templates that you can create in advance and send emails in one click or automatically from Kommo digital pipeline. All attachments in templates are saved.
  • Attaching large files
    Attach any files up to 100 MB total size when writing an email and up to 50 MB when using a template. Files can be attached by a simple drag-and-drop, and adding images is done by using the Ctrl+V shortcut in the editor.
  • Tracking the opening of emails and attachments
    This widget will track opening of emails and attachments and set a task to contact a customer. Hard to think of a better time to call your potential clients than during them checking their mail! Conversion grows in numbers without performing routine tasks.
  • Email analytics
    The widget tracks each email opening and shows the conversion rate. Analyze it, make A/B tests and boost your sales with your email marketing directly in Kommo.
  • Triggers and Trigger Links
    Fully customizable triggers for email and link actions. When an email is sent or opened, when a link in an email is clicked on, when a file is downloaded, you can assign your own actions: Set a task, Add a note, Change lead status, Change the value of a field in lead or contact cards, Send another email/template, Create a new lead, etc.
  • Any Kommo data in an email
    You can substitute any field from Kommo in the form of variables: Customer name, lead data, budget, etc. Variables can be modified: numbers, full names, currencies, measures, custom multi-spaced fields, etc.
  • Individual signatures
    You can add a custom signature for each user, with their own text, photo, etc. If you do mass mailings, signatures can be disabled in certain templates.
  • Send newsletters from a leads list
    Filter the leads you need in Kommo and make a newsletter for them. The widget will automatically detect who the lead belongs to and send an email to everyone. You can choose anyone to target: recent buyers, long-term buyers, buyers chosen by a certain amount of money they spent, with a certain tag, buyers from a certain pipeline, a certain status, etc.
  • Work in the digital pipeline
    Set up the necessary templates and run email chains right from Kommo's digital pipeline. At the right stage, an email will be generated and sent automatically, and the triggers embedded in the email will automate all the work.
  • Multiple mailboxes per user
    You can have an unlimited number of email accounts for each user and choose from which mailbox your email will be sent.
  • Preview and delayed sending
    You can preview the email before sending it with all the generated variables and manager's signature. You can postpone sending the ready-made email to any time for the client to see it when needed.
  • Forms and questionnaires in an email with saving answers in Kommo
    A form with questions can be inserted directly within an email. All answers will automatically appear in Kommo, and depending on the questionnaire answers, you can send other email chains.
  • Attaching and sending files via a link
    You can send a file, the link to which is added in the Kommo field.
    The file is sent as a standard attachment to the email.

Use trigger buttons in your email to perform any task

You can insert any number of buttons in an email and launch actions in Kommo.
For example: move a lead, set a task, add a tag.
1. Segment right in the body of an email
Insert buttons in the email to instantly qualify the customer and run mini surveys. Work only with those who have shown interest.

2. Button to order a call
Your client can order a call directly from your email, they don't need to answer, just click on the button, the manager will get the task to call them right away.

3. Collect quality score (NPS)
After closing a transaction, send your customer an email requesting feedback. The client will be able to rate with one click, and even fill out an extended form right in the email, all the information will come to Kommo.

Send transactional emails and increase your income automatically.

Everything is set up without a programmer, only using our widget and Kommo digital pipeline.
  • 1
    Dropped carts and on-site payments
    Track the transition to the payment page with added items, return customers to the cart if no payment is made and show a list of abandoned items.
  • 2
    Confirmations of order and delivery status
    Inform your customers about what is going on with their orders. This will increase customer loyalty and save managers from unnecessary incoming calls.
  • 3
    Create a series of auto-pipeline emails with automation
    Create templates of emails whose interactions trip triggers, which in turn trigger other processes: sending the next emails, setting tasks for a manager, showing social media ads for that customer. Each following email leads the client to the purchase, and all this happens automatically.

Widget Installation

You can install this solution by yourself in Kommo:
«Settings» > «Integrations» > «Mailer by Komanda F5».
If you have any questions, contact us
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*A minimum payment for 5 users. All users of Kommo are counted.

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