Automate your business routine and focus on sales

No-Code Platform to automate your workflow in Kommo
  • Complete any task
    Focus your employees on the task and complete it with the desired result. Depending on the result, the widget will launch any of the hundreds of actions: send an offer, create an invoice, send a WhatsApp message, or close a lead.
  • Processing regulations
    Filling fields, call counts, sending emails, etc. Widget monitors the execution of sales regulations and, if necessary, returns a closed lead to the pipeline and informs the manager.
  • Automated duplicate check
    The widget performs a duplicate check, examining both new contacts and the existing database. If a duplicate is identified, an alert is triggered, and a merge link is provided.
  • Feedback collection and NPS tracking
    When a client gives a low grade, the widget will automatically request feedback and connect them with a supervisor.
  • Customer response rate
    The widget keeps track of unanswered inquiries and provides reminders to managers to contact those clients in a timely manner. Monitor your messenger response rate and enhance customer loyalty.
  • Segmentation and marketing
    Automatically segment customers, calculate customer lifetime value (LTV), and initiate marketing activities. The widget identifies customers who have ceased making purchases and assists in re-engaging them.
How does it work?
Our widget enhances sales performance by directing employees' focus on tasks. It provides prompts for the next step in the task and automatically initiates the appropriate process when a specific result is specified.
Requests the result of the task, and depending on the result, initiates the next relevant process.

The manager finalizes the task with a result, and the widget automatically sets the next task based on the outcome of the call.

Keeps track of lead processing regulations
The widget automatically alerts the manager in case of missed client contact, overdue tasks, or leads stuck at a particular stage.

Those leads may be slipping through the cracks at this very moment.
Configure pop-up notifications for your sales managers and respond promptly to avoid potential financial losses. Works in combination with the Pusher widget.
Automatically prompts you about inactive customers who have stopped making purchases
The system keeps track of the last sale and the client's importance. If a significant amount of time has elapsed since their last purchase, the widget will automatically remind the employee about the client and suggest initiating the Customer Purchase Recovery (CPR) process.

Don't lose your regular customers!
Hundreds of actions that you can set up by yourself, without any programmer
To help you sell more
  • Repeated sales generation
    The widget will scan your database for customers who have discontinued their purchases, generate new leads, and submit them for processing.
  • Faster processing of requests
    If a lead remains stagnant at a particular stage for an extended period, the widget alerts the manager, and the lead is transferred to a more available employee. Sell faster than your competitors.
  • Chooses the most experienced manager
    When a high-budget lead is generated, it is automatically assigned to a more experienced employee.
  • Employee productivity control
    If a manager closes a lead without making a single call, the widget reopens the lead and sends a message to the supervisor.
  • Handling rejections
    When a lead is unsuccessful, the widget prompts for the reason for the failure. Based on this information, it segments customers and initiates the reanimation process.
  • Regulation compliance monitoring
    The widget tracks the timeliness of employee-client contact, the promptness of sending offers, and the duration of invoice delays, among other factors. If any delays occur, the manager is reminded.
Helps you not to forget
  • Will congratulate the client on their birthday by SMS and offer a discount
  • Will send a reminder to the client in WhatsApp an hour before the meeting
  • Will notify the customer about the status of the order via messenger or SMS
  • Notify when a client has opened a CP to call him immediately
  • Will send a text message to the client on a missed call and set the task for the manager
  • As soon as the request is received, will send information to your Telegram group chat
  • If an invoice is not sent on time, will remind the employee, and if the manager forgot again, will alert the manager
  • Often employees don't see responses in customer chats. The widget will show a notification, which won't disappear until it's read
  • Tracks link conversions. As soon as the client opens the commercial offer sent in any messenger, notifies the manager. Call your client now!
Provides you with different scores and divides all the clients into categories
  • What was the customer's total purchase of all time?
    Utilize the widget to calculate the Lifetime Value (LTV) of each customer. If the purchase amount exceeds the threshold, the client will be moved to another segment.
  • Who should I send the newsletter to?
    Segment customers based on various parameters such as budget, product, company size, gender, presence of children, etc. This allows for more precise targeting when sending mass mailings.
  • What do customers think about us?
    The widget automatically collects customer ratings and generates an overall Customer Loyalty Index (NPS). Based on this data, customers can be segmented for targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Is this client currently working with us?
    The widget tracks the number of leads associated with this client (active, closed, sorted by pipeline) and triggers various actions based on this information.
  • How often does the client communicate with us, and how much did he buy?
    The widget keeps a count of all communications (calls, correspondence, emails) to determine the level of engagement from the client and their purchase history.
  • How many invoices, for how much money were not sent to clients on time?
    The widget records cases where invoices were not sent to clients on time, along with the corresponding amount. At the end of each month, it generates a report and sends it to the head manager via Telegram, containing all the relevant data.
  • How long on average does a lead hang at a stage?
    The widget tracks the number of days a lead spends at each stage, providing valuable insights into the average duration leads stay at specific stages.
  • How fast is the first contact with a customer?
    The widget monitors the time taken to make initial contact with a customer and saves this data in Kommo for future analysis. This information can shed light on how it impacts the conversion rate.
Know who your customer is and work with the statistical data to sell more!
The widget makes sure the CRM is properly maintained
  • If a lead does not have an associated company, the widget will prompt the user to create a new company or automatically create one itself. It will populate all the necessary fields from the lead and contact information.
  • The widget continuously scans the CRM for duplicate entities. When a duplicate is detected, it assigns a task to an employee and provides links to merge the duplicates, ensuring data accuracy and integrity.
  • The widget intelligently presents timely pop-up windows with specific requests and buttons. With a single button press, users can send offers, set tasks, or change stages, streamlining the automation process and increasing efficiency.
  • The widget efficiently populates all other fields based on a single input, saving you from repetitive tasks. Have an 18-field lead card? Simply fill in 3 fields, and the widget will automatically populate the remaining 15 fields, streamlining your workflow.
  • In the event of a client's manager change, the widget automatically sends an email containing the contact information of the new employee. It also sets a task for the new employee to start working with the client seamlessly.
Don't be distracted by routine, and perform complex actions at the click on a single button.
Receives and processes data from external systems
This widget handles incoming hooks from any services and, using its powerful functionality, sends them to Kommo.
You can easily transfer data into amoCRM/Kommo from any external service and start automation - no programming is required.
Integrate any site using the website constructor without a programmer.
You can send requests from the site to Kommo with the help of Triggers, with duplicate checks and with your own logic.
Update the payment statuses from payment systems by sending hooks to Triggers.
For example, if an invoice in 1C is paid, you can immediately notify the manager in Kommo.
Synchronize the data of the mass mailing service with Kommo.
Receive a notification when a client opens a mail, and update the data in Kommo at the same time as they are updated in the service.

Widget Installation

We have made a detailed manual with descriptions of all triggers and examples of solving specific cases. However, if you can't do the configuration by yourself, we can set up all processes and customize them, taking into account all business processes of your company.

The price for the widget
We offer a free 14-day trial for our paid plans so you can try our paid feature before you subscribe.
One price
for 1 user per month*
6 months or 10 months subscription periods are available

• If you pay for 6 months, get +1 month as a gift
• If you pay for 10 months, get +3 months as a gift

*A minimum payment for 5 users. All users of Kommo are counted.

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