Automation of the construction company's sales department on the basis of Kommo

“Attraction” is a comfort-class housing estate, a flagship project by the construction company “StroyAlliance” in Tula, Russia. The complex comprises three high-rise buildings with varying stories.

Our integration into the project was prompted by the company's management, driven by the desire to establish an in-house sales department and a partner channel. Prior to this, the sales process had been exclusively managed through a single official partner.

Our team successfully implemented and tailored Kommo to align with the specific requirements of the business, utilizing widgets. Additionally, we integrated Profitbase, a digital ecosystem designed for construction companies.

Working with applications

The developer used to sell through a partner, so there was no sales department.

As the company expanded and began independently selling properties, management decided to establish an in-house sales department and implement Kommo for streamlined client and internal operations. To enhance efficiency and productivity, we incorporated several key features:
  • We added the "Pusher" widget so that the manager could immediately see a task or a message and definitely not forget anything.
  • "Checklists" for each lead, which should be filled out in the process of work.
  • Configured "Leads Distribution", which helps to quickly and effectively apportion the workload among sales managers.
  • "Telegram Notifications" for the head of the sales department: if a manager has not responded to a client within 30 minutes, the supervisor will be notified about it—the process is under control.
  • We also added the "Country Check" widget and set up integration with the company's website.
For the call center, which the client plans to establish in the near future, we connected "F5 telephony". This widget automates call scheduling and recording, synchronizes chat and call tracking data, and creates tasks for the call center administrator.

Work with documents

Automation of the company's internal processes allowed us to reduce the workload of managers and simplify document processing.
  • We have implemented the "Documents" widget, which helps generate any document in a few clicks and automatically fills in the necessary data. For those who work with real estate, this widget is especially helpful, because it will take only a few minutes to create voluminous contracts with its help.
  • We have enabled the automatic upload of files to Google Drive. Now the documents for each lead are in a folder with the same name, and files from the client are automatically uploaded to the Drive.

Work in Kommo

Automation of the company's internal processes allowed us to reduce the workload of managers and simplify document processing.
  • In order to make work in the system as convenient and fast as possible, we implemented "Platform F5" — a set of 20 mini-widgets that facilitate work in Kommo.
For a convenient display of fields, we activated the "Grouping fields" widget, and for quick access to information — "Fields search".

Profitbase for effective sales

Profitbase is a digital ecosystem that was developed for real estate selling agencies
The property developer uploads all the data about the premises, including photos, and the platform creates the spreadsheet in a checkerboard format for the layout of the building. Thus, clients can immediately select the object of interest and book it directly on the website.

A manager does not need to send documents and photos to each client, maintain a huge Excel spreadsheet, and manually prepare documents—all information from Profitbase and Kommo is synchronized and updated automatically.

Real estate agencies can access the database of premises after registering on the platform, and the property developer can analyze the number of sales of each agent.


  • We made the process of apartments selling, communicating with real estate agents and clients more convenient for the property developer with Profitbase.
  • We simplified work with documents: all data is filled out in a couple of clicks, and contracts are formed according to templates.
  • We organized the storage of documents on Google Drive and set up automatic uploading of files from clients to the lead card in Kommo.
  • We accelerated the work of sales managers with WhatsApp, Telegram, and Avito integrations, automatic distribution of leads, push notifications, and checklists.
The Project Team
  • Katya Yaduvankina
    Senior System Analyst
  • Natalia Ilyukhina
    System Analyst
  • Eduard Gavrikov
    Technical Specialist
  • Denis Dimitriev