Leads Distribution vs. SMART Leads Distribution

Two widgets with the same functionality? Let’s take a closer look on how to use Komanda F5 distribution widgets.

We have developed two widgets for your business: “Leads Distribution” and “SMART Leads Distribution”. At first glance, they seem to be the same, but the way they function is different.
To make a long story short:
  • Automatically assigns a responsible person to a lead based on KPIs and workload, and then transfers the lead to another if the request has not been processed.
  • Sends sales managers a notification about a new lead and assigns the one who reacts faster and has less workload than the others.
And here are the details:
  • “Leads Distribution” transfers the new lead to the employee and monitors its acceptance. If the first employee doesn't process it in time, the widget will transfer the lead to the next one until someone finally begins to process it.
    The supervising manager can set the workload for each worker and the robot will distribute the requests according to the assigned shares.
    It can be customized based on managers' working hours and shifts, allowing them to respond to customers without any delay.
  • When a new request appears, the “SMART Leads Distribution” widget will immediately show a pop-up window. The timer will not allow procrastination, the employee must take the request right away or decline.
    At the same time the widget will prevent the manager from taking a request if they are overloaded.
    If there are a lot of people, the widget will find the one who hasn't received an application for a long time and pass it to them.

    The supervisor does not need to customize the schedule themselves - the work of the department is organized efficiently and balanced.
Both widgets:
  • Take into account whether the employee is online or not
  • Control recurring leads
  • Allow selecting employees from a list or an entire department
  • Have flexible distribution settings
The choice of a widget depends on your sales logic and your company's business processes.
You can choose a suitable variant on our website.

And if you are still not sure which one to choose - message us!
Komanda F5 experts will analyze your processes during a free audit and suggest the best solution????.
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