Business proposal in 2 minutes: how to reduce managers' workload with one widget

Managers used to spend more than 3 hours a day creating complex commercial proposals. We integrated and customized the 'Documents' widget, reducing the time spent on this task by 10-fold.

Компания REGRAN занимается добычей природного камня и производством материалов для мощения и облицовки: плитняка, брусчатки, бордюров и т.д. Работает с 2007 года. Головной офис находится в Реже Свердловской области, есть еще 10 офисов и складов в разных городах России.

Основное направление — оптовая продажа товаров бизнесу, но среди клиентов есть и частные лица, которые хотят обустроить свой участок.

Компания использует amoCRM, получает заявки с сайта и социальных сетей. За продажи и консультирование отвечает команда менеджеров.
Getting started
REGRAN routinely dispatches commercial offers to its clientele, meticulously outlining the specifications of each item, including stone width, quantity, weight, and price. Additionally, these documents detail delivery costs, applicable discounts, and pre-and post-payment amounts.

Previously, all this information required manual entry and calculation, consuming up to 20 minutes for each commercial offer. With the company sending over 600 business offers to individuals each month, totaling $1 million dollars, the manual compilation process translated to approximately 180 hours monthly. This approach proved time-consuming and exhausting; the intricate calculations left no room for error.

Recognizing the inefficiency, the management sought out programmers to develop tailored software, initially dismissing the idea of automation. The manager believed their task was too unique and the formulas too complex for a conventional solution.

An example of a business proposal from REGRAN with the list of several items

At first, it appeared that our widgets couldn't provide the necessary assistance. However, we discovered the ideal solution: the Documents widget.

This pre-designed yet highly flexible solution proves capable of handling nearly any document generation task. With the ability to craft intricate formulas for calculating and substituting data, it accommodates a myriad of parameters from the lead: item lists, quantities, prices, discounts, Kommo fields, and more. These elements can then be seamlessly organized into a comprehensive table.

Once all the formulas are configured, the document is automatically generated in a matter of seconds. With just a single template, the need for manual input becomes a thing of the past, providing a hassle-free and efficient solution

One of the formulas is a formula for calculating the cost.

It is so large that it does not fit on the screen.

Reduced the time required to create a proposal by 10 fold

We initiated the process by meticulously inputting all products into Kommo, categorizing them based on their intended purpose. Subsequently, we crafted a template for both business proposals and invoices.

Now, with a simple click, the manager can effortlessly generate the document directly from the lead card in Kommo. This eliminates the need for manual calculations of the lead's sales value, which previously required consideration of a vast array of variables, mitigating the risk of potential errors.

For added client convenience, an individualized QR code, specific to each manager, is automatically embedded in the invoice, streamlining the payment process for the client.

To enhance transparency and oversight, all commercial offers are archived in a centralized document register. This repository allows easy tracking of the number of invoices generated, the responsible party, timeframes, and the cumulative sum for any given period.
Saved money for the client
REGRAN's Communications Director highly praised our work.

Here is what he says about it:
"One of the main trends of our time is speed. In response to this request from our clients, we decided to automate the creation of commercial proposals. Komanda F5 did an excellent job: Yulianna transferred our expectations into clear and understandable form for the colleagues, and Olesya perfectly dealt with our meters, tons and percentages.
As a result, our managers were relieved of routine that required a significant amount of attention and concentration on figures.
We don't have the luxury to make a mistake, it is unacceptable and may cause damage to our reputation. Now the company's team is able to solve the tasks of our clients and partners, including top landscape designers and companies from the Forbes lists, faster, more accurately and effectively.”

Roman Popereko

REGRAN Communications Director

At first, the client considered investing nearly $15 thousand dollars in custom development. However, we proposed an alternative—a ready-made solution. The implementation and customization of the 'Documents' widget, tailored to the specific needs of the business, cost six times less. This straightforward approach not only saved valuable time and resources but also spared the company's managers unnecessary stress.
The Project Team
  • Yulianna Khuzhanmuratova
    Project Manager
  • Olesya Orlova
    System Analyst