A referral program for a company providing additional professional education courses

The Academy of Professional Standards offers additional professional education services, specializing in professional retraining and postgraduate programs, including various courses tailored for medical professionals. While physically situated in Moscow, Russia, the academy's distance learning format allows training to occur from anywhere, eliminating the need for individuals to take time off work. Applications for training can be submitted through phone calls or the online form available on the website.

Our team successfully implemented Kommo for the Academy in April 2020, seamlessly integrating it with the website and connecting the "Wazzup" service. Presently, we continue to provide ongoing technical support for the Academy. Within the Kommo account, there are 38 employees managing various functions, including those from the sales and educational departments.
Why was the referral program needed?
The Academy aimed to enhance client acquisition by leveraging word-of-mouth recommendations, recognizing that such referrals often bring "hot" leads—individuals already motivated to make a purchase. Developing this sales channel became a strategic priority.

In May 2022, the Academy approached us with a specific request to establish a tailored referral program. The decision was influenced by the Academy manager's exposure to our video tutorial on YouTube, which showcased the creation of a referral program using our ready-made solution—widgets like "Triggers" and "Mailer", alongside integration with messengers.

Responding to this, the company's leadership opted to implement a referral program as an additional means to attract new clients. Our team introduced the necessary functionality, incorporating additional enhancements and customizing the process to align seamlessly with the unique requirements of the Academy
The core idea of the referral program
Upon completing their training, a student receives a message encouraging them to recommend the Academy to colleagues and friends. The referred student, in turn, is rewarded with a 15% discount on their training.

Furthermore, the referrer—the individual who recommended the training—earns 1000 points for each referred student who pays for their training. Each point is equivalent to 1 ruble, and these points can be utilized to cover up to 95% of the course fee.
Referral program implementation
After the student completes the payment for the course, their lead card transitions to the "Successfully closed" stage within the main pipeline. At this stage, the student is sent an email using the "Mailer" widget, prompting them to recommend the Academy. Simultaneously, the message is also dispatched to their WhatsApp via the "Wazzup" service if the student's phone number is available in the database. Both the email and the WhatsApp message include a referral link.

Students can send this link to their colleagues, friends, and acquaintances. When any of them clicks on this link, they will get to the Kommo webform. In this form, potential clients need to enter their contact information.

After the webform is filled in, a new lead with the data from the form appears in the main pipeline. The lead that came on recommendation is tagged "Referral".
Then the lead is processed. If they purchase the course, the referrer receives a message that they have been awarded 1000 points.

The tuition amount with a 15% discount is automatically calculated when specified in a designated field indicating the use of the discount. For payments using points, the manager simply enters the desired point value into a dedicated field. Subsequently, this amount is automatically deducted from the total sales value of the lead.

To amplify the impact of the referral program, we have established a system of client calls. Within four days after the completion of the training, the manager is tasked with calling the client and providing information about the referral program. Additionally, the same manager continues to offer support to any referrals who come through recommendations.
The referral program serves as an additional channel for customer acquisition. Leads who arrive through recommendations tend to trust the Academy more and are more likely to make a purchase. Structured for mutual benefit, the referral program caters to both the referrer and the referral.
Automating the process alleviates Academy employees from routine tasks such as sending messages and calculating bonuses and discounts. The inclusion of personal calls to clients enhances the clarity of the program's benefits, providing a more comprehensive understanding for participants.
The Project Team
  • Dmitriy Soloviev
    Project Manager
  • Dmitriy Malyshev
    System Analyst